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IDX Websites

Easy to customize unique to your company, team, or agent. Increase lead capture with a modern consumer portal with map search capabilities, behavior tracking, saved searches, and favorites. Hyper-local information with the latest news, weather, local business reviews, and home valuations allows you to position yourself as the local expert. The most powerful lead capture tool!

NOTE: This requires the brokerage to provide the MLS data access.

Powerful Lead Engine

Start getting Facebook leads for $3-$5 per lead; you can decide your daily budget.

Simplify and streamline your Ad creation, typical ads take 25-30 minutes to create; agents can create ads in just 3-5 minutes with our easy-to-use Facebook tool.

You can also create a Facebook from your MLS listings and gets leads directly into your CRM and lead routing (IDX Website Module Required).

Our system helps your agents to analyze what ads are performing most effectively. Track CPC, likes, shares, and other conversion metrics.

Smart CRM

Smart CRM serves as AI virtual assistant, nurturing your leads via email, voicemail, and SMS, automating day-to-day tasks so your agents can focus on what they do best. 

Improve productivity with lead validation and scoring, automated task plans, and a dialer prompting daily calls to warm contacts.

Ensure maximum lead conversion with built-in accountability rules, sophisticated lead routing, and automated lead follow-up.  

Transactions, Forms & eSignature

You don’t need to pay and integrate into a third-party system.

Mybrokerage360 includes a full transaction management and eSignature system.

Seamlessly convert a lead from your CRM to an active transaction, helping you keep track important dates, milestones, and contact information of all parties; you can have one file with multiple transactions (i.e., you can have one listing and multiple offers). Easy to visualize using drag-and-drop to move between milestones.

Create or upload your forms, assign the fields and they are ready for eSignatures.

Easy and Save You Time!

All paperless! Every type of transaction generates a custom set per branch of the required documents required for compliance. No more wondering for your agents of what forms you require or not. 

The forms are easy to view, merge, split, move, delete, directly scanned into the system, uploaded via browsing and selecting a file, or by email. Agents can add notes, and your compliance manager can send notes to let know if anything else is missing. Send with one click the list of documents missing and notes.

Scouting, Farming & Onboarding

Easily research the top producers and engage to get the best agents.
According to NAR, 84% of brokerages with four or more offices are actively recruiting.
Make the process of adding new agents to your brokerage a breeze. Just send an electronic onboarding package that your new agent can complete online. They can e-sign their agreement, upload documents (license, insurance, W9, etc). The onboarding invitation is easy to understand the step-by-step process; once completed, automatically generates their access to the system.


Seamlesly sync information between contacts, calendar, emails, and leads.

Did not find the integration you need? Contact us and we will create a custom integration for you- Free of charge!

The NEW Generation Technology for AI Real Estate

Reach buyers through tens of millions already using Alexa-enabled devices.
Now you can offer your buyers to search via Alexa voice commands for all the MLS listings in your area. Get instant notifications and increase your leads and sales.